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2012 is here and 2011 is over. Social media is growing by leaps and bounds. Many businesspeople say that social networking is like the Wild Wild West. Answer this question. What social media trends are in 2012? Wouldn’t it be useful? It would be wonderful to know the trends for 2012! How can you prepare for such a rapidly changing industry? Here are my 2012 predictions regarding the changing trends in social-networking. It is always satisfying when my predictions are true. These predictions are not based upon any special abilities. These predictions are based on industry research, what is happening in my field and what I have read. The accuracy rate of the social media industry is about 97 percent. Even when I am wrong, it is only because my timeline was longer than I expected. I am able to spot social media trends. This article lists four important trends that are currently in play. You have the option to profit or ignore what I say. These trends will continue to develop as the year goes on. Keep reading and take my advice. These trends will be a key part of your social media marketing campaign in 2012.

Prediction #1: Social Media Networks and Marketing are set to continue growing at an alarming pace

Facebook saw an increase of around 600 million users to 800 million last year, depending on who you believe. Both smm panel cheapest and LinkedIn saw growth, and both added new features. They also acquired several partners and internet assets. Google+ was launched by Google, while Microsoft is said be working on their own social network. While small businesses will be the most likely to adopt social media, large corporations will spend more than small and medium-sized businesses. To control the use of business hours, my first recommendation is to create and implement a “social media use policy for employees”. To reach this vast market, you should create a social marketing plan. The best combination of engagement and pay-per-click campaigns is the one that works.

Prediction #2: One of the biggest players in social media will “miss” 2012

One of the top four Social Media Network companies is likely to make a huge mistake and lose significant market share. Many of the largest social media companies like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn share a common flaw. They make it nearly impossible to communicate with them. Facebook is one example. They don’t list any other contact information than a Facebook Page. They have many help pages. Facebook does have a blog and many YouTube videos. However, they do not provide a phone number to call and speak with a person. There is a Facebook page where you can submit suggestions, but that’s all. What happens if you receive a strange Facebook message or have trouble with your account? You send a message, but you don’t get a response. Twitter and LinkedIn are worse. They do not list an address or phone number. They do respond to emails and messages. However, it can sometimes take up to seven days for a reply.

LinkedIn is my favorite social media company. Google is still relatively new to this field. It’s difficult to group them with other social media giants. But I can tell that Google has a poor reputation for customer service. My experience with Google is that the quality and reliability of the service you receive will depend on who you talk to on the phone. You can call someone! Google does list contact numbers. I advise any business to be prepared to make adjustments to their social media campaigns if necessary. If you use any of the top social media platforms, be sure to back up your data. This is for the event that you want to “the switch” and eliminate one of these services.

#3 Prediction: Google+ will be one of the top 3 social networks by 2012’s end.

Although I may be stepping on the line here, I believe that this is inevitable. Google+ will grow faster than any other social media site because of its share and existing customer base. We know it is massive, although the exact number is not known. There are estimates that there are between 190 million and 250 million accounts. Google also owns many internet properties that can be easily integrated into their social networks. This adds to the social network’s value. Google also owns Google Search and Google AdWords. Google also owns YouTube, Blogger, Picasa, Google Search, Google AdWords and YouTube. Do you see the point? Google is huge. Google holds the largest share of internet traffic, and advertising dollars.

Google also managed to create a social-networking platform that is user-friendly, search engine friendly, and innovative. These are the qualities that have made Google the internet leader they are today. Although I doubt they will be able to keep up this pace for the rest of their lives, 2012 is a good year. I advise you to look at where your advertising dollars are going and to see if any of the Google properties make sense. If you are an individual and have been waiting to get started with Google+, you should stop and take 10 minutes to create a Gmail account and a Google+ account. This will take only 5 minutes if you already have Gmail. You can set up a Google+ Brand Page without much fuss.

#4: More businesses will use article marketing and blogging to build trust.

It is possible you are asking yourself the following question: What does article writing and blogging have to do social media? It is simple. Blogging and article writing both create a following and encourage interaction. These readers will comment on blogs/article sites and communicate directly with authors. Let’s talk about building trust now that we have established that article marketing and blogging are social.

Trust can be built in many different ways. Trust can be built in many ways.

Writing articles today is a powerful tool for building trust. A business that is able to write about their niche expertly will gain instant credibility. According to “”, there were 23 million bloggers in 2007. According to the same source, 35 million Americans would be blogging by 2012. You’d be surprised to learn that Technorati and Blogpulse listed worldwide blogs at 164 million as of the end 2011 – almost five times more than the 2007 predictions. The adoption rate of blogging is far higher than what was previously considered a new type website forum.

The published word is highly valued in our society. This is more true today than ever. Business owners are using article marketing and blogging to stand out from the rest. You say you don’t know how to write? Ghost writers can be a cost-effective option. These are easily available and worth investigating. I recommend that you create and use a blogging platform for marketing. You can also use your blog articles for article marketing by submitting them into article databases. These articles can be integrated into your site. Blog posts can be easily integrated into your website’s “current content strategy”. Blogging can help you establish yourself as an expert in your field. You will also be able engage clients and prospects in a way which builds trust. This is a valuable commodity in today’s business climate.

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